Our High-quality products offer an assurance of being an ocean-friendly seafood choice.


The Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program works directly with restaurants, markets, food services and suppliers to ensure they have the most current scientific information regarding sustainable seafood and to help them make ocean-friendly buying decisions. The options are highlighted on their menus and display cases with the Ocean Wise symbol, making it easier for consumers to make ocean-friendly seafood choices.

Fresh Fish Guidelines:

  • Fish should smell fresh and mild, not fishy or ammonia-like.
  • Fresh fish should have firm and elastic flesh.  It should spring back when pressed gently.
  • Fish with shiny skin and scales that adhere tightly is another indicator of freshness.
  • Fish fillets should have firm and elastic flesh, a fresh-cut, moist appearance, displaying no darkening or drying around the edges. It should have little evidence of bruising or reddening of the flesh from blood retention.
  • Prepackaged fish fillets should contain a minimum of liquid because when seafood is stored in liquid deteriorates quickly.
  • The eyes of a fresh fish should be clear, bright and a little protruding. Cloudy, pink and sunken eyes indicate the fish has lost its freshness.
  • The gills of the fish should be bright red or pink and not slimy.

Fresh Shellfish Guidelines:

  • Fresh mussels, oysters, clams are sold live because when they die, their internal organs start to deteriorate. Make sure shells are unbroken shells and closed. If the shells gape slightly, tap them: the shells should close up. If they do not close up, throw them away.
  • The shells of fresh, live shellfish should be moist and shiny. It should smell sweet and mild.
  • Raw shrimp meat should be firm and should smell mild. The shells should be free from blackened edges, black spots or other dark areas.
  • Fresh lobster and crabs are also sold alive because they spoil quickly when they die. Look for any leg movement to make sure they are still alive. If they have been refrigerated they will not be as active but should move sparingly.
  • When buying fresh squid, select those with clear undamaged eyes, the skin should be cream-colored with reddish brown spots and the meat should be very firm. If it’s slimy and pink throw it away.
  • Fresh shucked oysters should have a fresh smell. A clear slightly milky / light grey liquid should surround freshly shucked oysters.

When shopping, make it a habit to buy your seafood last, so it’s fresher when you get it home and less chance of it spoiling before you can enjoy it!